Program Description

Psychology is the scientific study of human behavior and mental processes. This field has strong connections to the medical sciences, social sciences, and education (Boyack, Klavans, & Borner, 2005).

The Bachelor of Science in Psychology curriculum is structured to produce graduates with firm foundations on the various concepts and theories in psychology. It provides students with the right academic foundation and training as their preparatory to pursue a specialized graduate degree in psychology as well as in the field of medicine and law. The program also prepares the students for better professional opportunities in industrial settings, clinical settings (such as mental institutions, hospitals, rehabilitation centers), academic institutions, and government and non-government organizations.



Ruth E. Sanchez


Anna Lyn A. Masing


Shiela S. Badiang


Lilibeth L. Manigo


Loressa Joy D. Paguta


Diana Q. Cillo


Christine Joy C. Pagaran


Phuchia May C. Gales


Mary Christine A. Odtojan


Program Curriculum