The Bachelor of Science in Physics (BS Physics) program is a four (4) year course designed for students who want to have a focused and in-depth foundation in the essential concepts and principles in physics. It however provides a balance between a holistic general education program and a substantial physics core courses to keep up with the advances in the discipline and the demands of globalization. The BS Physics program aims to prepare the student to take graduate studies in pure or applied physics, or to teach college level physics for work in private and government academic institutions, and also for physics-related jobs in service institutes, business and industry sectors.

The curriculum for the BS Physics program has at least 69 units of core physics and mathematics subjects. Besides the core courses, the curriculum allows at least four (4) physics elective subjects which can range from Environmental Physics to Space Weather Physics and other Special Topics. The curriculum also allows at least two (2) elective subjects in which the student can get from other departments such as in chemistry, mathematics, biology, education and other allied areas.

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Program Curriculum